A commissioned watercolor portrait of our carving on-site at the customer’s house.

Chainsaw Mike

Every Wednesday morning (October 2016) on The Sean, Richie and Bethany Show, they had listeners call in with three words that Rhymin’ Richie has to use in a song about the next listener who calls in. The 3 words that Richie had to use were supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, patriot and philanthropist. It was just before Halloween so they were using Monster Mash as the music. Mike happened to be the next listener to call in.  After a short interview with Mike, this is the song that Richie came up with.
Special thanks to Richie Phillips for writing and performing this song!

Mike was working in the shed late last night
Making a bear out of wood or maybe something for his wife
He’s talented, he’s creepy, he’s really quite precocious
He’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
He is Mike, he’s the chainsaw guy
And you would like the carvings that you buy
He’ll make a bear with a real huge butt
Or maybe a life-sized patriot
When everyone’s in bed and soundly sleeping
Mike’s got the chainsaw that sounds creepy
But he’s making something big or maybe even bigger
What the hell is that? A life-sized Trigger
Mike – he’s number one on our list
He’s Mike, he’s a philanthropist
He carves from wood so tell your friend and your mom
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