Cub in stump welcome branch

4′ Sign Bear

4′ sign bear with interchangable/customizable signs, starting at $450

Heart Bear

Heart bear 26-32″

Got honey? bear

A 4-1/2  foot full body bear with a sign that says “got honey?”, starting at $550

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9′ bear on rocks

9′ bear on painted rocks holding tree trunk, all one piece

5′ mailbox bear

5′ mailbox bear starting at $650

7′ gorilla

7′ gorilla, starting at $1,800

Knotty home sweet home bear

28-32″ home sweet home cub with knots, starting at $185

Knotty cub in stump

28-34″ cub in stump with knots, starting at $185

Cub in stump welcome branch

26-32″ cub in stump with a welcome branch, starting at $185